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Payment Scams
Sangre de Cristo Electric Consumers Are Targeted

Collection Calls

Sangre de Cristo Electric Association (SDCEA) cautions members to not be fooled by impersonators who claim to be from SDCEA and threaten disconnection for lack of payment.

Area consumers have recently reported aggressive collection calls demanding immediate credit card payment or purchase of a third-party credit card to avoid loss of service. The callers are not affiliated with SDCEA and are attempting to talk victims out of their credit card or banking information. Consumer protection agencies caution that the scammers often target the elderly.

SDCEA asks our members, if they get a questionable phone call, to get a call-back number from the caller. Then, hang up and call SDCEA directly to see if there truly is an issue with the account in question.

When an account is past due, SDCEA customers receive a series of written notices and are giventime to settle their bills before any disconnect would take place.

SDCEA’s Customer Service Department can be reached during regular business hours at 719-395-2412 or 888.933-3823, for clarification of any billing questions. SDCEA members can also review the status of their account at any time online at, and click on the SmartHub icon.

If a call is blatantly fraudulent, SDCEA members are advised to call the local authorities.


Third-Party Billing

Some co-op members reported being charged fees by a third- party company to set up an online bill payment service to Sangre de Cristo Electric Association, Inc. However, at SDCEA there is no fee to pay your bill online.

To pay your bill online, simply visit and select payment options available on the home page, log in to your SDCEA account through SmartHub to pay your bill or call 800-933-3823 to pay your bill through SDCEA's automated pay-by phone service with no additional fee.

Unauthorized third-party companies can create online identities that are easily confused with the actual organizations they claim to represent. They often use logos and information that is copied from websites to try to look like the real organization.

Remember, there is only one place to search online for official information from SDCEA: If you have questions, contact SDCEA directly or log in to the “SmartHub or Members Only” sections of the SDCEA website for more information.


Pole Placement

Sangre de Cristo crews placed poles with the help of a helicopter July 14 in the Cotopaxi and Texas Creek areas.

Using a helicopter to place poles is a rare event in the cooperative. The helicopter was used to set four poles where location and / or terrain prevented access to the sites with company equipment, warranting the helicopter’s use. Each pole weighs around 900 pounds, making it prohibitive for crews to carry in and set the poles manually.


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