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Operation Roundup

  Operation Roundup gives members of Sangre de Cristo Electric Association an easy way to help those in need. By agreeing to "round up" their electric bills to the next dollar, they can work together with other members to change lives. For example, a monthly bill of $52.74 would be rounded up to $53.00. The extra 26 cents would be placed in an account administered by the Operation Roundup Association Board of Directors (the board), along with the pennies rounded up by all other participating members.

  Members who have signed up to participate will notice their electric bills include a line item showing the amount that has been "rounded up." All donations are tax deductible, and every January and February a summary of yearly contributions will be included on each participating member's bill.

  At the board's discretion, funds are disbursed to organizations for food, clothing, shelter, health needs, and education. Operation Roundup funds may not be used for political purposes. The following members serve on the Operation Roundup board. Representing Lake County is John Kester of Twin Lakes; from Chaffee County is Ruth Amster; from the Town of Buena Vista is Linda Andersen; from Custer County is Marci Gregg; and from Fremont County is Ron Meyers. Joining the five representatives are Suzy Kelly of Chaffee County, who serves on the Sangre de Cristo board of directors, and Paul Erickson, CEO of the co-op.

  Operation Roundup extends Sangre's commitment to the people and the communities that make up our cooperative. It's a way for a few cents to make lots of sense. If you haven't already signed up to contribute, contact us at (800) 933-3823 or (719) 395-2412, or by email with "Operation Roundup" in the subject line.


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